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Our story starts way back, when I first visited Kinshasa

While working as Country Head of Operations for Citibank NA in the Democratic republic of Congo (2006 – 2008), I noticed the severe level of poverty all around that vast and naturally endowed country. People were living in very harsh economic conditions. It is not difficult to see the array of natural and human resource endowments that God has bestowed upon the nation. Diamonds, Gold, Coltan, Platinum, Uranium, Tin, Copper, Cobalt, Oil, Natural gas, Tungsten etc but above all wonderful, resourceful and resilient people. I kept wondering how a people can be so blessed and yet blaze in so much poverty. This quandary kept hounding me.

In August 2008, I returned to my home Country Nigeria. Upon return, I begin to realize that the levels of poverty in the Northern part of Nigeria is also comparable to that which I have noticed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. People are living in very terrible economic conditions. Abuja, the federal Capital of Nigeria is my work residence but any time I travel to my home town Kano, I simply get drowned into the misery all around. I realize that I must do something about the poverty level around the continent. Initially I started with sporadic handouts but by 2009 It was quite clear to me that my effort should be concerted and in collaboration with other privileged members of society. And in 2010, the Africa Development Foundation (Afridf) was founded.

– Inuwa Shehu

Our Philosophy

Africa development foundation visions an Africa full of prosperity devoid of the crushing poverty that has engulfed the continent today.

Africa development foundation mission is to work for the transformation of the current harsh socio-economic reality of the average African into a productive and meaning full life by enabling and promoting hope, self reliance, productivity, empowerment, social transformation and economic development.

  • Inuwa Shehu
  • Ahmed Isa Abba
  • Aminu Yusuf Bashir
  • Nomayo Aruede
  • President/CEO: Inuwa Shehu
  • Director Int’l Operations : Nomayo Aruede
  • Director Data and Research: Dr Musa Jega 
  • Director Strategy: Amu Ogbeide
  • Director Projects: Dr Yahuza Kassim
  • Chief Finance Officer: Khadija Mohammed 
  • Director Gaucep: Narius Ntinda
  • Director Funding: Ibrahim Adamu
  • Director Technology: Mohammed Wanka
  • Director Publicity: Alh. Iliya 
Come work with us

We are looking for individuals who desire to work for an organisation making a real impact in the african society.

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